2020 Annual Community Game
A Community of Christian Game Developers

The 2020 CGDC Community Game was composed of over 70 volunteers across the world coming together for a 9-month effort, 6-month development and 3-month validation, where they designed, developed, validated, and release a free Christian game. This game was based on the dreams found in the book of  Daniel and is multiplayer.  The Public Beta  Release date for  Steam was  on May 29, 2021. 

This free Christian multiplayer game, hosted by CGDC, was an example of what a team of highly motivated volunteers can do in their spare time for  9 months during a pandemic. It is a purely free game with no cost, no in-app purchases, no DLC, no nothing. Simply a free game made by volunteers to help develop Christian game developers.

As a Top-Down Action RPG, you can choose between 4 character classes (Warlord, Huntress, Brawler, and Bard) and play with up to 8 of your friends either online or in your local network. Based on the Visions between the Prophet Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar of Ancient Babylon, it follows the story from the perspective of four modern-day friends who plunge into a dream world that shakes them to their foundations.


Warlord – Freakishly tough with heavy-hitting weaponry. Use robust tactics to deal massive damage to enemies.

Huntress – Away from the fray but never out of the fight. Long-range weapons keep enemies at a distance but has special tricks for the ones that get too close.

Brawler – Deliver quick barrages of strikes up close and personal. Sow confusion among the battlefield to keep enemies at bay.

Bard – Wielders of the powerful skill of music and sound to the detriment of their foes and blessing to their teammates.

The vision of the annual CGDC community game is to develop Christian game developers to continue improving quality of Christian games. This game is as much a learning vehicle for the volunteers as much as a fun Bible game people can play together. The CGDC Community Game is a 9-month journey volunteer game developers go on together to this end. We appreciate your support in helping us grow and learn together to make better and better games.

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