What should I bring with me?

First and foremost, bring yourself and the products of your creative endeavors to share with others. We also ask that you bring an open heart and a willingness to build up those attending and other Christian game developers. Dress is casual so guys won’t need a suit, tie, or tuxedo; nor will ladies need formalwear, fancy shoes, or a ballroom gown. While God is in control of the weather, it does vary quite a bit.  Consider bringing a light jacket and clothing that can handle cool to hot weather.  Do bring whatever electronic media (laptops, tablets, phones, and chargers for each) needed for your game. Also, consider bringing a camera (to record and share your memories), business cards to facilitate networking, and your favorite Bible to reference. Don’t forget to bring your toiletries and any needed medications.

For those staying in the dorms, know that you’ll need to provide your own bedding/sleeping bag (a limited number will be available for those unable to do so – indicate that on your online registration form), hygiene items (e.g. soap, shampoo), and towels. Light sleepers should also consider bringing earplugs.

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