Who can attend?

Our organization strives to reflect Christian values and as such is inclusive by nature. The conference is intended for those interested in the development of Christian games of all types: video, tabletop, board, and card games. No one will ask for, nor check, any type of “credentials”. We welcome people of all skill levels, from the hobbyist to the professional developer.  Believers working on non-Christian games are also welcome.  Our attendees tend to be open and willing to share their expertise. We also welcome those who, while not game makers are interested in the use of Christian video games for their ministry or the surrounding community.

Additionally, while the conference is Christian based, anyone of any faith can attend, and we do not espouse, nor are we affiliated with any particular denomination. Out of courtesy and respect for others, we ask that attendees refrain from unnecessary religious debates, as our core values include charity towards others and placing God (rather than our opinions) at the center of all we strive towards.

Usually, for the most part, age is not a barrier to participation; we have had many younger, teenage attendees in the past and encourage them to consider creating Christian video games as a vocation. Senior citizens also attend and share their wisdom and experience.

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