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Pillars of Eternity

Matthew Colon September 23, 2020
  1. What do you think of Pillars of Eternity?
  2. What major themes did you observe?
    1. The cost of Kickstarter, presales
    2. The cost of an early fanbase
    3. Can do attitude
  3. Do you think about the business aspect of games the way Urquhart does?
  4. Before Kickstarting, pitched for 3 months from Mar to Jun.  Was that wise?
  5. In 2012 “The crowdfunding revolution had begun.”
    1. What do you think of Kickstarter now?
  6. Obsidian didn’t just “wing it”, “Adam Brennecke was locking himself alone in an office, trying to come up with the perfect Kickstarter.”
    1. What costs are involved in a kickstarter campaign?
    2. What cost in money and time would you guesstimate a quality Kickstarter like Obsidians cost?
      1. Adam 2 Months of planning, + several others
      2. “for the next few weeks, Adam Brennecke and Josh Sawyer met daily with their small Kickstarter crew”.
      3. tons of art, video, and sound assets
      4. plus the month of managing the campaign
      5. enough of a game demo to show
  7. Where is your natural foil between design and biz?
  8. Have u ever said “Ah it’s just another software package!”?  Underestimate training time?
  9. Ever made a full production schedule?  Based on costs?
  10. “Players were happy with the general themes and core mechanics, but the beta was so unstable, it left a sour first taste.” Shipped a month early to negative feedback. 
    1. What is the cost of shipping early?
  11. Delayed release from Nov 2014 to Mar 2015 at a cost of 1.5m (33%) more.  What would you honestly do faced with that call?
  12. Shipped and sold 700k units first year, approx $20 mil (after steam’s 7 mil) vs 4.5 + 1.5 m = 6m budget. Was it worth it?